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Justy Photography is an award-winning boutique wedding and event photography studio servicing the Washington D.C. metro area. One of the most widely recognized photographers for couples and families in the DMV.

Please take a look around and explore our work.  If you think  we could be a good fit go ahead and send us an email here.   We can't wait to capture each of your unique stories!




Eylul is an award winning journalist, wedding and portrait photographer, specializing in people and corporate photography with a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery. She is a member of the Professional Photographers of America(PPA) and Fearless Photographers.  She grew up in a small city in Turkey and studied radio and television at Maltepe University, a prestigious university in Istanbul.  She later went on to study Photography and Video at Istanbul Bilgi University.  She began her photography and photojournalism career in 2006 and has worked with artists such as Santana, Deep Purple, Sertab Erener. Currently Eylul works as a photographer in the U.S. 

"In 2007, after I started college, my dad bought me my first camera: a Nikon D70s. It was the most precious gift I had ever received. It allowed me to go through life capturing beautiful memories every single day. Once I began photographing people I realized it was what I was meant to do. After a conversation with a friend, I decided to name my camera Justy. It was at this point in my life that I felt as though I had a purpose. Justy became more than a tool to document moments; it also became my best friend. Without her, I would not have as much passion, success and joy in my life as I do now."




Kat is a photographer and graphic designer who specializes in wedding and portrait photography. She is a long-term DC resident, save for four years spent in California earning a bachelors degree in classical civilizations at UCLA. Kat is also a long-distance hiker, having hiked the Colorado Trail and over 1,500 miles of the Appalachian Trail.


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Ade's portrait and wedding photography have been featured and published in a number of magazines and on blogs.

"I chose to photograph weddings because of my values in regards to love and life. Those values are driven by the belief that (1) marriage is one of the most important life decisions one can make,  (2) the power of imagery to tell stories, (3) my parents’ beautiful-half a decade long marriage, and (4) the ability to see a great love story (wedding/marriage) unfold before me. I am in love with love stories: real life ones and stories within the context of art: movies, photographs, and tales.

My images are a reflection of who I am: I laugh heartily, I cry when I am happy, I roll with the punches, I love strongly and openly for all to know.  Couples who seek me to photograph their wedding share a similar dynamic with their life partner i.e. they believe that they are each other’s soul mates."

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