15 Questions You Should Ask Your Wedding Photographer before Hiring Him/her

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Wedding planning is not only about setting the date and buying your wedding dress. You should as well meet the different people helping you on that big day, and these include the event organizer, the emcee, and the Washington DC wedding photographer. Each one of these people play a key role in your wedding day, and it is important you meet him/her before you hire them and on the rehearsing day. For a wedding photographer, you should ask him the following questions. 


Finding Out About His/Her Availability


Before hiring your photographer, you need to verify their availability. Ask them some of the following questions.


  • Are you available on my wedding date? This is so that you verify his/her availability and if s/he is not available you hire next option
  • Are you working with someone else? Find out if s/he has an assistant. Some DC wedding photographers will prefer working with an assistant, and others will not. 
  • What is your shooting style?
  • How many weddings do you shoot per year?
  • Do you send a highlight gallery?


Finding Out About Her Prowess


  • How long have you worked as a Maryland photographer? You definitely want an experienced wedding photographer for your special day.
  • Are you familiar with my wedding venue? 
  • Do you know about my wedding organizer?

    Do You Know His/Her Rates?


  • What is your pricing style? Some Virginia wedding photographers will charge per photo others will charge the hours worked. Go with the one that suits your budget.
  • So how much will you charge? Depending on the answer above, get a quote.


Ask Him about Printing Style and Frame Designs


  • Which printing styles do you have? You want a creative printing style and so let him show you the different styles you can choose the best.
  • Is the rate inclusive of Framing? There are Virginia wedding photographers who will offer a free frame.
  • What Frame types do you offer? Choose the framing type that you like. There are different types of frames used by DC wedding photographers.
  • Do you offer soft copies? You definitely want to share photos online. So request for soft copy


The above wedding photographer questions are aimed at communicating what you would like your DC wedding photographer to do.