What to Wear for Family Portraits

What to Wear for Family Portraits


Sometimes it is a daunting task to pick on what to wear to family portraits. What color should you go with? How will we coordinate but not appear match-match? This post will give you some helpful tips that you may want to consider as you prepare for the fabulous family pictures.

Chose the color scheme

The first thing to put in mind when deciding on the color to wear is where you intend to hang the portrait in the house and the colors of that room. Of course there are some people who will see no difference with this. But in case your room has a red and black paint, orange and brown will not be a good choice to consider.

You can have a natural home which is neutralized by lots of color accents from the pictures. If you happen to be a person who adds portraits from time and again, you can decide on what to wear for family portrait by looking at the present ones.

Begin with a piece and construct progressively

When you are not sure of the colors to pick for a photo shoot, always start with a piece and make up all the rest around it. You may start with a boy’s plaid shirt or little girl’s floral dress, as long as you get a single central piece around which you build all the rest. Considering that most parents prefer their kids being at the focal point, this little piece should be that of a child (not and adult). That is not to imply they will be the ones standing out from all the others, after accessorizing you will all blend together.

Do not forget the accessories

Hats, ties, button up shirt, scarf, headband, necklace and accessories all have the effect of adding fun, texture, pizzazz and thus improving the overall look. When it comes to dressing the children, try to see to it that they get different accessories. For instance, if you have two girls, they should not all use yellow headbands. You may consider one blue and the other yellow to have the colors spread out.

Split the colors

If your family has a total of six members and you have three main colors to use, make sure all these colors are not at the top or all the people who use them are closer to each other age-wise. Split out the colors so that they do not concentrate at one point and bring out the old-fashioned match-match effect.

Split the pairs

In case you have natural pairs in the family: brothers and sisters, mom and baby, mom and dad, split them by splitting their colors since, they will likely stand close to each other. If there is a baby, mom will without doubt be holding him or her and thus the baby becomes mom’s pair. It is a good thing if they don’t dress alike. Obviously, wife and husband are the other pair. Effort has then to be made to ensure they do not become matchy-matchy. Handling this part is tricky and concentration to details will be a necessity.