How To Choose Your Wedding Venue




How To Choose Your Wedding Venue

Selecting the wedding venue is most at times the meat of the event. Why so, one may ask? This is because a wedding venue has direct implications on a number of things.

1.     The style and design to use

2.     The number of people on the guest list

3.     The appropriate location

4.     The kind of attire to wear

Hey, it is just being sure with what you want as a couple. That should not be that hard I suppose. And after all, if you stick to the following tips, then you will find yourselves the best wedding venue as per the desires of your heart.

Selection tips

·      The geographical accessibility. On the wedding day, you expect to have as many guests as you can possibly have. Some are familiar with the city or the village (depending on where the wedding will be) while others are not. With this in mind, you need to select a venue that will be easy-to-access for all the invited guests. While you may be tempted to think that Google maps will be their buddy during the drive, they may end up pretty frustrated while tracing the venue. Why not save them the trouble and come up with a venue that is easily traceable and accessible.

·      An exclusive versus an inclusive wedding. Do you want to have a limited number of people on the guest list or is the ceremony open to every Tom, Dick and Harry? The people you want in the wedding event are crucial in determining the kind of venue to settle for. If it is an inclusive wedding, ensure that the room or the ground is large enough to accommodate everyone. Often, when a ground is empty, it seems big, but when tents, chairs, tables and other accessories are put in place then you realize that space can be limited. Ensure you are sure that the venue you settle for will fit everyone.

·      How much do you want to spend on the venue? A budget will offer you the limit and the boundaries that you cannot cross to in the decision of a venue. Part of coming up with a budget is having a rough estimate of the different rates offered for different venues.

·      The view and the lighting. Select a venue that has a spectacular view and one that has sufficient lighting. A great view is an added advantage to weddings since it adds joy and excitement to the ceremony. Additionally, with a unique decorations and styling, it is possible to create an amazing effect that will still serve the purpose.

·      Sufficient parking space. You can be sure to expect many vehicles on the day of your wedding. So as to make your guests feel safe and taken care of, ensure that the venue has parking space and tight security.

·      Find out the restrictions of the venue and the layout as well. Is there a time limit that you are not supposed to exceed? What other restrictions are you supposed to observe? What of extra facilities such as chairs or a public address system? Having all the information as pertains to the restrictions and the facilities is an added advantage in helping you make the decision.

Here is a small secret if you settle for an outdoor venue. Have an alternative plan. Sometimes, the weather is bound to change and that means that you will need to be flexible enough to adjust. Whatever you settle for, ensure it is what you desired for your big day. 

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